Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New features

A few new additions to the main 2ubh site:

In features, a link to a Nature technology feature first published in April. This is, I think, the fourth in-depth tech feature I've written for them - this time on protein purification technology, an area being driven by the increasing demand for proteomic research by the pharma industry.
Upcoming features to watch out for include a review of the UK Midlands buyouts market for Real Deals, and a critical look at the Regional Venture Capital Funds for Corporate Financier. I've also put up an earlier article on the latter, from Yorkshire Business Insider in summer 2003.

In reviews, a couple of recent short book reviews published in the Fortean Times. Arthur I Miller's 'Empire of the Stars' is recommended, Jenny Randles' 'Breaking the Time Barrier' rather less so.
Appearing soon in FT is my review of the two new biographies of astronomer and author Fred Hoyle. I'm also working on reviews of the much-hyped 'Freakonomics', and John Gribbins' new tome on the founding of the Royal Society.



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