Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An entrepreneur's guide to exits

Now up at the Real Business site (and, of course, in the printed edition) is a lengthy feature I wrote for them on how to sell your business.

While there's no shortage of advice (of varying quality) on how to start a business, there's rather less advice on how to sell it. For many people who start businesses, it's because it's something they want to do and stay with for a long time. But an increasing number, especially those fuelled by VC money, are starting businesses with the aim of rapidly building value, selling them, taking the bulk of the money out and then doing it all over again. Selling out is both the route to riches and a badge of honour.

The feature was written as sponsored by business sale specialists Cavendish Corporate Finance, who necessarily feature heavily in the piece.

Direct [updated] link here, but use the link above to go to the main page. There's plenty of other good stuff there, including another look at the progress of the Regional Venture Capital Funds. I've written another Doing Deals feature for the next edition of the mag, exploring the wider dearth of early stage VC in the UK.

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Blogger Gordon Brown said...

The Real Business link no longer works due to a relaunch - could you find the article again on and replace the link?

4:48 pm, October 18, 2007  

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