Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Go a go go

Quite pleasantly surprised this morning to see a nice big feature in the Society Guardian on the lads behind fab Sheffield fanzine Go, written by ex-YP chap James Graham. They're the people behind the plan to reinvent the cooling towers by the Tinsley viaduct as public art, which I wrote here about a few months ago.

What the Guardian piece doesn't mention, however, is that even though the tower project is among the finalists in Channel 4's Big Art Project, the more recent news is that site owners Powergen are going to knock them down anyway. A right shame.

Still, the Go folk are continuing to make a go of it. According to their recently overhauled site, they've been working with folk like Urban Splash and Levi's, and are part of the British team for the Venice Biennale for Architecture 2006. Not bad going.



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