Friday, June 30, 2006

New additions

I've just added to the main site a couple of features and reviews published in the past few months.

In features:
another in-depth piece for Corporate Financier, looking at the increasing use of formal advisory boards by corporate finance firms. Who advises the advisors? What do they offer the firm and its clients, and what exactly do they do?
and, for Real Business, a look at the real world of business angels in the wake of the success of the Dragons' Den TV series. I modestly reckon this is as good an introduction as any for entrepreneurs wanting to tap this sort of funding, with practical advice from people who've successfully gone that route and from the angels themselves.

And in reviews, a couple more pop science books reviewed for the Fortean Times - Joseph Silk's The Infinite Cosmos, and Are we alone? The Stanley Kubrick Extraterrestrial-Intelligence Interviews. Both, sadly, rather disappointing. Next up for review is Clifford Connor's intriguing-sounding A People's History of Science.



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