Monday, July 10, 2006

Tinsley towers update

An update from the BBC on the plan to turn the cooling towers at Tinsley, just by the M1 viaduct in north-east Sheffield, into works of art.

The plan's got the backing of Channel 4's Big Art Project but, as peviously noted, has suffered a bit of a setback in that the site's owners at Eon Energy are planning to have the towers demolished.

This new report quotes a C4 spokesperson:
She said the site was the focus of the art project's involvement in Sheffield, but added even if the towers were destroyed they would remain a "symbol" of the art re-development that would take place in the city.
For now though, the future of what some people believe are icons of the city remains undecided.
An Eon Energy spokeswoman said "We are looking to demolish the towers later this year and negotiations are taking place with the Highways Agency".
However, she added that discussions are still ongoing with the Big Art project to save the towers.

I'd hate to see them go, if they're just going to be replaced with extra Meadowhall parking. But if they must go for safety reasons, and the artists are allowed free run on the site, what glories can replace them?



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