Friday, September 15, 2006

Bradford Space City

News from 'business accelerator' Velocity Bradford (ie the former Bradford Business and Innovation Centre) about a space-themed promotional day -

SpaceCity is a city-wide day of space and business related activities masterminded by Velocity to raise the enterprise agenda within the Bradford district and to celebrate both the beginning of Enterprise Week 2006 and the innovation taking place in Bradford on a daily basis.

speaking to astronauts onboard the International Space Station
having lunch with astronauts from the recent Challenger Space Shuttle mission.
Meeting delegates from:
the European Space Agency.
Russian Mission Control.
SME's involved in satellite navigation systems and emerging space technologies.
Richard Branson's new venture, Virgin Galactic... to name a few.
accelerating your business growth and increasing profits.
helping to inspire the next generation of space travellers, explorers and entrepreneurs.

The primary focus of the day will be the links between education and innovation in the space industry here in Bradford where, believe it or not, we have something of a ‘space cluster’ with satellite communications and space technology companies of varying sizes, Velocity, a specialist business accelerator and the Leeds/Bradford University Wireless Centre for Industrial Collaboration.

It's a good approach, I reckon - even if the Space Age is long past, it's an appealing way to raise interest, particularly in schools given the popularity of the relaunched Dr Who (which, in its earlier incarnations, was what got me interested in space and science). Fred Hoyle, iconoclastic astrophysicist and local boy, would surely approve.

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