Friday, September 29, 2006

Tinsley towers - a city divided

Latest in the continuing saga of the cooling towers at Tinsley, just by the M1 viaduct north-east of Sheffield, which are set to be transformed into a monumental work of conceptual art if only they can be saved from the wrecking ball. The Sheffield Star reports:
A CONTROVERSIAL decision to demolish Tinsley cooling towers today split opinion across South Yorkshire.
The 50-year-old twin towers have always polarised views - from those who think they are ugly to others who believe they represent South Yorkshire's proud industrial heritage.
And their owner's decision to demolish them is proving just as controversial.
E.ON.UK announced it is to bring down the towers before the end of the year due to their deteriorating structural condition...
In a Star internet/text poll on the demolition of the cooling towers, 51 per cent of those who responded said they would be sad to see the towers knocked down while 49 per cent said they would not.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one would miss them. My mental map of the M1 (which due to a couple of years of hurtling between Hemel Hempstead and Leeds in the 1990s is actually quite detailed) features those towers quite heavily. Although I do remember offending a Sheffielder (not Tim) fairly severely when I waxed a bit too lyrical about their importance to my concept of Sheffield.

Incidently, does anyone else have a quiet liking for the minor road overbridges on the M1? They are quite unlike later motorway overbridges and their old concrete is mouldering in a suitably evocative manner...

12:50 am, November 15, 2006  

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