Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tinsley towers - Gormley steps in

The BBC reports a notable new voice in the campaign to save 'Sheffield's iconic cooling towers' as a work of art - Antony Gormley, the artist best known for the Angel of the North up in Gateshead and the sea-gazing figures over in Crosby, and someone who knows a little about landmark art:

He said the towers were "intrinsically beautiful" and offered a very exciting vista from the motorway.
"They are to the industrial revolution what cathedrals were to the medieval world," he told the BBC.
He said the towers were "absolutely unique" in their shape and acoustic capabilities.
He thought they could be used as a concert hall or recording studio, to take full advantage of the acoustics afforded by the structures.
"I could see a choir singing specially-composed music in the centre, with the audience sitting in a circle round them," he said.
"To destroy something of this beauty is an act of vandalism."

Sadly, site-owner Eon is pressing ahead with plans for demolition -
Spokeswoman Rebecca Middleton said detailed structural survey work in the summer confirmed the towers were deteriorating.
"We have determined that now is the time to bring them down in a safe and controlled way," she said.



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