Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Airport terminated

The Sheffield Star today reports the hardly unexpected news that Sheffield City Airport is indeed to be closed and turned into a business park:
Sheffield Council's City Centre, South and East Planning and Highways Area Board banged the final nail into the ill-fated airport's coffin when it approved a plan for offices and light industry to be built on the site.
Sheffield is now the biggest major city in Europe without its own airport.
The redevelopment plan effectively brings to an end any lingering chance that the facility could be revived. Under the plan most of the runway will be dug up and the airport's hangars will have to be taken down in the next few months.

A nice deal for majority shareholders Peel Holdings then, whose airport at Finningley should pick up what little business Sheffield City had, while making a tidy return on the new park which should be the largest of its kind in the region (with development supported by European Objective One money, of course). Who would have expected such a result when Peel took over Sheffield City back in 2001? OK, pretty much everyone...

Wonder if they'll bother to retract their previously-noted objections to the proposed wind turbine at the nearby Advanced Manufacturing Park?

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