Friday, January 05, 2007

All tagged up

I've recently moved over to the new version of Blogger, which promises various new features and improvements. The main one is the addition of category labels, which I'd been considering moving over to Wordpress for - so a wise addition by the Google chaps. I've completed the laborious process of adding categories to all the posts so far, so you can easily find my witterings on your particular area of interest. So far, the categories (and number of posts to date) are:
economics (43) - interesting research, and thoughts on theory and practice
regional (18) - regional development and regeneration
VC (11) - venture capital, plus other aspects of corporate finance and investment
technology (12) - the innovation making a difference, with an emphasis on environmental and clean tech
science (6) - theoretical innovation and research
Yorkshire (28) - news and oddments from god's own country
journalism (17) - notes on my own trade, and criticism of other people's
photos (15) - eyecatching architecture, art and oddness from hither and yon
site (11) - noting updates and changes to this blog and the main 2ubh site
odds (26) - everything that doesn't fit into the above, and a few things that do but which have a particular fortean or Ballardian bent

The one feature I'd still like to see from Blogger is some more options on comments control - I don't want anonymous comments, but the only way to bar them seems to be to allow Blogger-registered users only. A setting, as I've seen on other sites, to just require an email address or some other ID would be preferable.



Blogger Michael Taylor said...

Hi Tim,
You can also add your categories list to the sidebar underneath the index and it adds loads of other different bits if you want.


2:18 pm, January 23, 2007  
Blogger Tim Chapman said...

By popular demand, categories are now listed in the sidebar!

3:22 pm, January 24, 2007  

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