Thursday, January 18, 2007

Currying favour

Today's Yorkshire Post features a new business that should gladden any gourmand with the misfortune to live too far from Bradford - will take orders from anywhere in mainland Britain and deliver the freshly cooked food within 48 hours.
The venture has been launched by Bradford businesswoman Jan Smithies and Richard Richardson, who helped to develop the Harry Ramsden brand.
The pair have worked with a team of chefs, restaurants and home cooks from the city to develop a menu of curries.
Ms Smithies said: "Bradford has a well-deserved national reputation for being the home of fantastic South Asian food.
"I became increasingly aware that a Bradford curry was unique to Yorkshire and something that had a wide appeal outside the county. Two of our first orders have been from the far reaches of Cornwall and Scotland."

Obviously it won't be much use when you've got the late munchies, seems a good idea for special occasions, particularly for Yorkshire ex-pats. And it's great to see the Bradford branding being used in such a positive way. Get your orders in here.



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