Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Economic genre fiction

Interesting radio piece by Rick Kleffel for NPR in the US on a perceived trend for 'genre fiction' (SF, horror, etc) to draw on economics and finance. From the NPR blurb:
During the Cold War, science-fiction tales of alien invasion mirrored society's fear of Communism, and monsters from Frankenstein to Godzilla have tapped into our unease about the boundaries of science.
But a new type of genre fiction has plots centering around business and economics. A book by T. C. Boyle takes the subject of identity theft and treats it like a horror story.
Several other writers are also turning their attention to our preoccupation with finances and business, and finding fertile ground.

More here.

I'm not convinced by the claim that this is anything new (economics in SF goes back to Wells at least) and the focus here is very much on micro or personal finance issues rather than anything broader, but it's an interesting listen.

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