Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How-do, Nick

My old mucker Nick Jaspan bounces back from the collapse of the North West Enquirer with a new regional media networking venture How-Do. The Media Guardian reports:
The portal will target workers in public relations, press, marketing, broadcast, advertising, design and digital media in the same region covered by the North West Enquirer, which folded after just five months.
How-Do will also be a gateway to nearly 200 blogs written by north-west professionals drawn from the media, marketing, broadcast and design industries.
The website will carry daily industry news, features, profiles of companies and major industry figures and blogs.
Mr Jaspan and a team of freelance journalists will compile and edit content.
"There is so much happening across the region within the media and creative sectors that trade publications and the regional press cannot accommodate it all. We plan to cover breaking news, the deals and the gossip together with in-depth analysis and expert comment," Mr Jaspan said.
"We also want people working in these sectors to actively contribute, helping us to showcase all the fantastic creative and commercial work being produced across the region."

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