Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tinsley tower competition

Sustainable development group Groundword Sheffield has announced an architectural competition for plans to redevelop the land around the previously discussed Tinsley towers -

Competition entrants are required to produce a Masterplan for the site, with proposals for use, development and access. Design ideas for buildings should be included where appropriate, as well as landscape design ideas for the riverside area of the site. The competition will follow an Open Ideas format and is being organised on behalf of Groundwork Sheffield by The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).
The landscape is currently dominated by a two-tier motorway viaduct and the disused Cooling Towers - the last vestige of the power station previously located on the site. The Cooling Towers were recently selected for Channel 4's Big Art Project, and the intention would be to reuse them as a public artwork. However, due to their ongoing maintenance liability, the landowner's preferred option is demolition. For the purposes of this competition, the decision whether to demolish or reuse the towers is at the discretion of competition entrant.

So is there still hope for the landmark towers? We'll see.



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