Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tinsley greens

News in the continuing saga of the Tinsley towers - landowner Eon has unveiled plans for a new 'green' power station on the site of the old Blackburn Meadows station. According to the Star:
The firm is to submit a planning application to Sheffield Council later this year to build the £55 million biomass plant, one of the first in the country, which would produce enough power for 40,000 homes and be 'carbon neutral'.
It would burn recycled wood and specially-grown crops such as willow and elephant grass.

A pretty welcome development, even if it does mean the demolition of the iconic towers which are, apparently, not suitable for incorporation in the proposed station. But what of art?
The company also announced that it has put aside "a substantial sum" for a landmark piece of artwork to stand somewhere in the city[...]
Derek Parkin, managing director of business services at E.ON UK, said: "We'll hopefully be able to bring the Blackburn Meadows site back into use and also to create a landmark piece of artwork somewhere in the city that local people can have input into."
"Our only caveat is that the artwork has to have energy as its theme," added Derek. "Apart from that, the sky's the limit."



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