Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Manshead bunker

Another moor-top oddity - the WWII bunker on the northern descent of Great Manshead, above Ripponden, close to a crook in the Calderdale Way. According to John Manning's 25 Walks in the South Pennines:
A handful of men stationed here lit up the hillside during German bombing raids, in the hope that the pilots would mistake the lights for nearby Halifax and drop their deadly cargoes harmlessly onto the moor; a nerve-racking posting.
It's easy enough to get in, and apparently popular - past the square blast wall, the low central passage leads to two rooms, each with a few years' worth of bottles and cans trodden into the mud. It's a relief to get out again.

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Blogger Ian Green said...

Great post. I've just come back from a business meeting in La Rochelle, France and visited the U-boat berths.
Very weird as they featured in Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark but were also home to the Nazi navy which sank my Liverpool grandfather three times on the Atlantic Convoys.


11:20 pm, September 18, 2007  

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