Monday, October 01, 2007

M62 diversion

Liverpudlian vicar John Davies is a man on an epic journey across an everyday landscape - he's walking the M62. A couple of years ago, I got in touch with John after he blogged about my Halifax Slasher article in Strange Attractor Journal.

This Saturday, John stopped off in Halifax and I gave him the tour of the town, taking in the sights - the Wainhouse tower, the gibbet, Dean Clough, the bridges, etc - as well as the sites of some of the most notable Slasher attacks (or, rather, 'attacks' - read the article, or this brief introduction). John's written about it here. And now I'm writing about it here.

The virtual world of blogging might often be a self-obsessed and insular one, but it can help you meet new friends and even, just occasionally, get you out into the fresh air.

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