Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sheffield malarkey latest

Updates on a couple of long-running Sheffield development stories -

Alexandra Topping reports in the Guardian on the doomed battle to preserve the Tinsley towers, or at least to erect some meaningful public art in their place:
The Tinsley cooling towers - bleak, elegant, real - are often the first and last thing people see as they enter and leave the city. But soon, like Sheffield's industrial golden age, they will be consigned to history, demolished to make way for a new power station. [Tom James of the Go magazine] reflects: "Imagine, when the towers are gone, Meadowhall will be the only thing you'll be able to see from the tram and the M1. How depressing."

And I hear there's much discontent, in some fairly high-up places, about the Peel Group's controversial purchase and closure of Sheffield City Airport. While it's probably too late for Sheffield, the group's finding its proposed plans elsewhere are undergoing a bit more scrutiny than they're used to. Not much substantiated at the moment, but could be worth looking into...

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Blogger Tim Chapman said...

Latest via the Star:
A MYSTERY millionaire is bankrolling a last-ditch campaign to halt the closure of Sheffield City Airport - which has already resulted in the intervention of the Local Government Ombudsman.
Owner Peel Airports is due to shut the Tinsley Park facility on Wednesday April 30, claiming the operation is not financially viable due to its short runway.
But businessmen and aviation enthusiasts have formed Sheffield City Airport Movement - SCAM - which is hoping to take Peel and the council to court for alleged failure to ensure compliance with planning conditions.
Campaigners have secured an investigation by Local Government Ombudsman Anne Seex, into the validity of a report commissioned by Sheffield Council into the airport's viability.
SCAM believes council consultants York Aviation did not sufficiently question Peel, which took over in 2001, and the original operator, Tinsley Park.

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