Monday, January 05, 2009

At last the 2007 show

Happy new year, folks. I've started with a long-overdue update on the main site, with a few new additions to the features archive.

The major one is the series of features on solar energy technology and venture capital I wrote for Cleantech Magazine from late 2007 to spring 2008. These were more recently republished in an updated, collected form in the magazine's Infocus supplement, from which I offer my features on the next generation of solar (PDF, 450kb).
The next issue of Cleantech will include another article by myself, reviewing the cleantech VC market over 2008 and looking forward to what the new year may bring. For more on this subject, of course, see my other blog Clean Ventures.

I've also put up a year-old feature I wrote for Private Equity International's Annual Review, casting my eye over trends in the European mid-market in 2007. I'm about to start on the equivalent feature for this year's review - I suspect I'll be hearing some interesting views on what's been happening...

Also, another piece for the ICAEW's Corporate Financier from late 2007, looking at company sales in the wake of the credit crunch (PDF, 620kb). All seems a while ago now, really, but some of the advice therein should still hold. The very attentive might also note that I've added a page with another Corporate Financier feature on technology sector M&A - this was previously linked to a PDF of the feature at the ICAEW's site which has now vanished into the ether, and of which I foolishly didn't keep a copy.

Anyway, that's the old news. More on new projects soon.

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