Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gone west

I'm in San Diego for a few days meeting various bods in the local cleantech industry, so if you need to get in touch please drop me an email rather than trying to phone.

The combination of the length of transit (Manchester to Chicago then, some hours later, on to California) and the progressive time difference reliably produces strange psychological effects - it's like one of those bad time-twisting dreams where you're in some dull or unpleasant situation until a certain time, only the clock keeps moving backwards... Still, got a good way into Pynchon 'Against the Day' (which starting as it does with an airship setting off for Chicago, seemed very appropriate), and spending several hours flying into the sunset was good, as was the sight of Phoenix lit up at night. US cities tend to look fascinatingly dull from the air, all regular grid and flatness. San Diego itself looked a lot more interesting on the final descent - hills and windy bits. I've Saturday to explore, before doing the whole trip in reverse over Sunday and early Monday.

But now it's half ten at night, or possible half six tomorrow morning. Time to turn in, anyroad. I may be more lucid tomorrow.



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