Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sub Parr

Misshapes, mistakes, misfits (by tim2ubh)

The above photo by myself has been selected by the rather well known photographer Martin Parr to feature in a new book he's publishing in partnership with the slightly controversial artist Joachim Schmid.

Schmid is controversial because his art mainly consists of appropriating work by other photographers, taken from online resources such as Flickr, without credit or regard to copyright. The book's a sort of photographic covers album, including original photos by Schmid in the style of Parr, and Parr-style photos selected by Parr himself from a tribute group on Flickr. Parr, ever the professional, contacted the photographers to seek permission, and gives them credit and copyright notice in the book. Thumbs up for him.

It's unlikely anyone will be making any money out of the book, but there it is. And just in time for xmas.

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Anonymous Mark R said...

Nice one Tim. Martin Parr was one of my photography Tutors at W.S.C.A.D in the 80's. He is a nice guy in a Butlins kind of way. But most important he has integrity, and strives to be honest with himself.

10:17 am, January 02, 2010  

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