Saturday, March 20, 2010

Adventures with my Lubitel

Magic forest (by tim2ubh)
It was a lovely bright day the other Saturday, so went for a stroll round the local woods with an old Lubitel TLR (which had mostly been gathering dust since being bought dirt cheap around the time of Perestroika) and some Kodacolor 120 film of the same vintage. Some interesting results, even if some the most interesting were the result of me forgetting to wind on the film.
Very basic photography, but I used some more modern jiggerypokery after - I got the film developed at my friendly local camera shop (Janet Greens, at a very reasonable £1.99), then used the DSLR and macro lens to capture the images from the negatives on a lightbox. Then into Canon DPP to trim, sharpen and do a rough fix of white balance; into Photoshop Elements to invert and do further colour balancing if required; then back into DPP for final adjustment to the curves. It's a fairly quick process once you're set up, if you're doing a bunch of shots together.
Full set on Flickr.



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